The Perfect I

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Mike Ansari takes you on a journey of mind, body, and spirit. He is one of New Zealand’s foremost personal trainers of superstars and athletes. He understands the unlimited power of mind and body, and this book, which is an intense spiritual journey, allows the reader to break through barriers of time and space. He tells a remarkable story of his quest in life for an opportunity to unleash his vision for human perfection. As a writer he has crafted his own story which is both rich and tragic, but it is also a story of triumph, passion and ingenuity. He lives the perfect life that he promotes, moving the physicality of our bodies and the spirituality of our minds in a single transformation.

It’s an amazing story as well as an inspiring visionary exercise in understanding our life and death. Unlike any other journey written by a master of mind and body training this is more than a how-to-do-it book. It’s a powerful guide, easy to understand and to follow. The reader will also be able to break free and leave behind the shackles of ill health and behaviour patterns that inhibit and slow the growth of the individual spirit.

The Perfect I will touch the lives of all who read it, with its wisdom and its pure sense of love and possibilities. Much more than a new age manual or a spiritual guide, it is a deeply felt and beautifully crafted story that stretches from the ancient world and teachings of Persia to the new world of New Zealand and the richness of the South Pacific and Polynesia.

Sir Bob Harvey
Auckland, New Zealand