The Ansari Life Transformation offers a certain mindset that enables you to discover how to transcend personal barriers and to see the possibilities available. I can empower you to transform yourself physically, mentally and spiritually by adopting the absolute love of Self.


Fearless Transformation

The Higher Frequency Transformation (HFT) program, combines the new age of transformation techniques with its' added advantage of utilising the connection of spiritual training.  Incorporating colour frequency therapy mats and clothing to distinguish the progress of development.  A disciplined and focused program specifically designed and formulated on the essence of Ansari's technique of being “Fit in the Mind and Fearless in the Body”.

Ansaris skill set and experience coupled with this powerful technique “Higher Frequency Transformation” (HFT) has the potential to take an individual to new heights by enhancing their health, assisting greater fitness capabilities, improving progressive mental and spiritual well-being.  A life transforming program that is about realising the reality of the perfect you by unleashing the powers within; unlocking the possibilities in the mind to achieve a healthier and happier you.

The foundation of the HFT program is to cover the whole well-being by harmonizing the Mind, Body and Spirit; therefore the members of this program are called Harmonist.  This is in perfect harmony with Mind, Body and Spirit transformation.  To achieve this is to be in one space and thus there is total unity and, therefore, a state of perfection between the mind, the physical and the spirit.

The Program gives a chance to fulfill living life in perfect harmony.


This program will teach How To:

  • Exercise the physical body;

  • Exercise the freedom of choice;

  • Ignite the spirit;

  • Develop consciousness;

  • Create discipline;

  • Master the Mind and Spirit; and

  • Create purpose.


Each stage of High Frequency Transformation consist of three elements:

  • Concept;

  • Motto; and

  • Medium - Physical Body / Colour

The HFT program takes the rainbow spectrum into a new realm within the 21st century.  Ansari has carefully chosen the frequency of the rainbow colours to capture the holistic energy.  Visible White light from any Star like our Sun is made up of all the colours of the Rainbow.  Passing a small beam of sunlight through a Glass Prism will result in the beam splitting into each colour.

prism light spectrum.jpg





I am taking Charge

400–484 THz 


I am taking the First Step

484–508 THz


I am Shining

508–526 THz


I am at Peace

526–606 THz


Practice makes Perfect 

606–646 THz


I am Free

646-668 THz


I am Perfect 

668–789 THz

Each colour has its own Frequency range which causes it to split when travelling through the Glass Prism moving from one density material to another.  Starting with the Lower Frequency Red on top and ending with the Higher Frequency Violet at the bottom.

The Rainbow is the medium of the HFT program.  Each colour is linked to a concept that ties it directly to the physical body, harmonizing Mind Body and Spirit.  The unique Self-Assessment system allows each Harmonist to transition through the colour stages.  The end result of combining the seven colour concepts is the white light source into one space and oneness.  It provides an opportunity to live life in Perfection with Love and Happiness.


I see you as Perfect

I am Happy

I Love You

I am Here

I am Mike Ansari



My sincere affirmation is that I am Oneness. I live and exist in the Oneness that includes all creation. I am pure loving energy that absolutely encompasses the whole creation. You too are a creator. You and I are one, the mirror of each other, and collectively we are eternally one. It is only fair to see yourself as perfect, an eternal loving energy. I see you as perfect. I love you....